WaferSense® Auto Teaching System


Capture three dimensional offset data (x, y and z) to quickly teach wafer transfer positions.

Improve yields and lower particulate contamination with accurate wafer handoff calibration.

Capture offset data for accurate calibration of transfer positions as the wafer-like ATS moves through your semi-conductor equipment. Improve the yield of your manufacturing process with calibrated equipment.

Achieve repeatable and reproducible semiconductor equipment setups.

Eliminate technician-to-technician variation with the ATS calibration process enabling repeatable and reproducible setup and maintenance checks.

Reduce equipment downtime from hours to minutes.

Troubleshooting takes less time with the wireless and vacuum compatible ATS, as equipment stays sealed during inspection. Increase equipment availability and reduce manpower and consumable expense.

Speed trouble-shooting and lower consumable expense with visual inspection.

Receive real-time images as robots move ATS through the tool. An intuitive graphical user interface provides x, y and z offsets that eliminate guesswork. Search for lost wafers and verify that pedestals are free of debris without opening the tool.


  • Wafer-shaped. Available in 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.
  • Highly accurate. Accurate to +-0.1mm (+-0.004) x and y position; +-0.5mm (+-0.02) z position.
  • Wireless and vacuum compatible. Travels like a wafer and takes less time as equipment stays sealed during inspection. Transmits data in real-time.
  • Easy-to-use software. TeachView and TeachReview application software displays live video and measurements based on user defined targets, and logs offsets and user comments.  TeachTarget programs the teaching wafer to find circular features.
  • On-board camera. On-board image processor reports x-y-z offset from the teaching wafer to a target inside the equipment so you can teach wafer transfer coordinates.

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