CyberOptics Honored to Be Selected as Semicon West “Best of the West” Finalist

Best of West

CyberOptics Best of West Award Finalist

Each year at SEMICON West, the “Best of West” awards are presented by Solid State Technology and SEMI.

More than 700 companies exhibit at SEMICON West and 26,000+ professionals attend, from the electronics manufacturing supply chain. The “Best of West” award was established to recognize new products moving the industry forward with technological developments in the electronics supply chain.

The Best of West 2016 Finalists will be displaying their products on the show floor at Moscone Center from July 12-14:

  • Coventor: SEMulator3D ─ A 3D semiconductor process modeling platform that can predicatively model any fabrication process applied to any semiconductor design. Starting from a “virtual” silicon wafer, the product performs a series of unit processes like those in the fab to create highly accurate 3D computer models of the predicted structures on wafer. (Facilities and Software category; Booth #2622)
  • CyberOptics: WaferSense® and ReticleSense® Auto Multi Sensors (AMS) ─ Wireless sensor devices capable of multiple measurements (leveling, vibration and relative humidity) to save time and expense while improving yields. WaferSense AMS travels through virtually any tool with its thin and light form factor, while ReticleSense AMSR has the same measurement capabilities in a reticle shaped form factor. (Metrology and Test category; Booth #2323)
  • Graphenea: Graphene Integration on CMOS-Fab ─ Allows large-scale manufacture of 200mm CMOS-compatible graphene wafers (SEMI Standards), with low metal contamination levels. The industrial production method will produce uniform, large-scale/high-performance graphene in high yields and a reliable manner. (Advanced Materials and Materials Management category; Booth #632)
  • Kulicke & Soffa Industries: IConn MEM PLUS High Performance Wire Bonder for Memory Devices ─ A new high-performance memory device bonder for gold and silver alloy wire bonding. With its advanced process, looping, overhang control and ease of use capabilities, it delivers high quality and productivity benefits in complex multi die stack package applications. (Assembly/Packaging Solutions category, Booth #6060)
  • Rorze Automation: Rorze N2 Purged LP ─ Maintains low humidity during critical steps. A typical bottom purged LP can only offer control of an average of 30 percent RH. However, N2 purge LP from Rorze (patent pending) can offer a humidity control that is better than 5 percent. (Components and Subsystems category; Booth #1613)
  • SPTS Technologies (an Orbotech company): Rapier-300S ─ A production silicon DRIE module, designed specifically for dicing of 300mm wafers mounted on 400mm frames. It builds on SPTS experience in plasma singulation of framed 150mm and 200mm wafers, and employs patent-protected end-pointing and process control techniques, critical to delivering stronger die than traditional dicing methods. (Assembly/Packaging Solutions category; Booth #1417)

The Best of West Award winner will be announced during SEMICON West (www.semiconwest.org) on Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Read the Full Press Release at: http://www.semi.org/en/2016-best-west-award-finalists


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