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May 22, 2017 –



Our New 3D Automatic Optical Inspection Machine Has Arrived

At Corintech, we understand that the key to offering world-class electronics manufacturing services is threefold; it requires a commitment to investment in people, procedures and equipment.

Investment in people ensures that we can provide high levels of industry experience and the best customer service experience.

Investment in procedures enables us to maintain high quality levels, facilitates seamless new product introduction and guarantees efficient production.

Investment in equipment allows us to stay at the leading-edge of our fast-paced industry, ready to manufacture our customer’s latest designs.

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Only this week we installed a CyberOptics SQ3000 Automated Optical Inspection system in our UK production centre. This addition complements our existing inspection equipment with the ability to check thousands of components per minute and reveal assembly irregularities below 7µM.

This award winning 3D Automated Optical Inspection system enables us to inspect all devices currently on the market with extremely high reliability, ensuring that we can maintain the highest quality levels. Our customers can have even greater trust in our quality controls to deliver our target for “quality beyond excellence.”

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12. 02. 15

CyberOptics will demonstrate the WaferSense® and ReticleSense® APS2 technology at Semicon Japan at Tokyo Big Sight, December 16th – 18th in booth #4804.

11. 17. 15

CyberOptics announced that it received a follow-on order valued at approximately $750,000 for SQ3000 automated optical inspection systems, based upon the company’s 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) inspection technology platform. This 3D AOI order is scheduled to ship in this year’s fourth quarter.

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