WaferSense® Auto Vibration System


Speed monitoring 3-axis accelerations and vibration to reduce particles, maintenance time and cycle time.

Speed equipment qualification with wireless measurements.

Collect and display acceleration data wirelessly using the AVS and VibeView™ software for real-time equipment diagnostics. See the effects of adjustments in real time, speeding equipment alignment and setup.

Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with wafer-like accelerometer.

Observe and optimize wafer, cassette, SMIF and FOUP motions using the AVS three-axis accelerometer. Detect wafer slides, slips, bumps, scrapes and rough handling in real-time with the vacuum compatible AVS, without opening the tool. Optimize motion parameters once the location or absence of water damage is identified.

Lower equipment expenses with objective and reproducible data.

Establish a baseline from known clean tool, then cycle AVS through like a dummy wafer to verify that baseline operation continues. Receive early warning for impending equipment failures and optimize your preventative maintenance plans.

Optimize equipment productivity and yield by maximizing acceleration and minimizing vibration.

Optimized motion profiles and trajectories minimize cycle times and smooth, vibration free handling minimizes particle adders.


  • Wafer-shaped.  Available in 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.
  • Highly accurate. Measures acceleration in three directions. x, y and z. with a range of +-2G, resolution of +-0.01G and frequency response 0 to 200 Hz, -3dB.
  • Wireless. Transmits data to your laptop of PC in real-time.
  • Easy-to-use software. VibeView and VibeReview application software provides the user with real time visual feedback and can record and replay logged data for review and analysis.

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