WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor™
APS1, 2 & 3


Improve equipment set-up and long-term yields by wirelessly monitoring airborne particles in real-time.

Thinner. Lighter. Precision Accuracy.

Speed equipment qualification with wireless measurements.

Collect and display particle data wirelessly using the APS2 and ParticleSpectrum™ software for real-time equipment diagnostics. Compare past and present as well as one tool to another with ParticleSpectrum™. Save time by swiftly locating contamination sources and see the effect of cleanings, adjustments and repairs in real time.

Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with wafer-like form factor.

Detect particles in real-time without opening the tool, so you don’t need to expose process areas to the environment. Thinner and lighter APS2 goes where wafers go to find the place where particles contaminate wafers. Once the location of particles is identified, tools may be selectively cleaned. Open only the dirty portion, keep the clean areas clean.

Lower equipment expenses with objective and reproducible data.

Raise your first-pass monitor wafer success, reduce your qualification expense and increase availability with APS2. Receive early warning for impending equipment failures and optimize your preventative maintenance plans. Establish a baseline from a known clean tool, then cycle APS2 through a candidate tool before committing monitor wafers.


  • Wafer-shaped Available in 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm wafer sizes.
  • Measures particles greater than .14 microns Reports particles in 0.1μm and 0.5μm bin sizes and larger particles in 2, 5, 10 and 30 μm bin sizes.
  • Wireless. Transmits particle data to your laptop or PC in real-time.
  • Easy-to-use software. ParticleSpectrum™ application software provides the user with real time visual feedback and can record and replay logged data for review and analysis.

Did You Know?

Save Time. Save Expense. Speed up your semiconductor processes and increase throughput.
  • Time


    - 88% reduction,half the manpower
  • Expense


    - 95% reduction
  • Throughput


    - 20X increase

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