Solder Paste Inspection

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CyberOptics is the world’s number-one supplier of solder paste inspection equipment used to monitor and control one of the most crucial steps affecting the finished quality of circuit boards. Solder paste deposition is the key process in board assembly operations using SMT techniques. Our LSM™ system was the industry’s first popular method of manually inspecting solder paste; our SE systems revolutionized SMT production by offering an automated method for performing in-process inspection on the assembly line. With more than 3000 systems installed worldwide, CyberOptics has the largest installed base of solder paste inspection equipment in the industry. See for yourself why CyberOptics is #1 in 3D solder paste inspection technology.


SQ3000™ 3D AOI, SPI & CMM

The Ultimate in Speed and Accuracy / Multi-Process Capability

SE3000 3d spi

SE3000™ 3D SPI

A Leap Forward in Solder Paste Inspection



World-Class Accuracy At Fastest Speed



Ultimate Precision Accuracy With World-Class Usability