Coordinate Measurement (CMM) Technology
Faster, Highly Accurate Coordinate Measurement Suite

CMM Software

CyberCMM™, a comprehensive software suite of coordinate measurement tools provides highly accurate, 100% metrology-grade measurement on all critical points much faster than a traditional CMM, including coplanarity, distance, height and datum X, Y to name a few. A fast and easy set-up can be performed in less than an hour for programming complex applications as compared to slow, engineering resource-intensive set-up that typically requires multiple adjustments with traditional coordinate measurement machines (CMM) s.

Fast and highly accurate with repeatable and reproducible measurements for Metrology, Semiconductor, Microelectronics and SMT applications.

  • Fastest – Seconds, not Hours
    - Significantly speeds attaining coordinate measurements vs. traditional CMMs
    - Reduces engineering resource time
  • Easy-to-use Interface
    - Simplifies process with award-winning, intuitive, touch screen experience
    - Quick programming for complex applications
    - Multi-process capable – AOI, SPI, AOM, CMM
  • Metrology-grade Accuracy
    - Achieve metrology-grade accuracy with MRS-enabled technology
    - Repeatable and reproducible measurements for metrology, semiconductor, microelectronics and SMT applications.

Measurement Capability

  • Line / Distance / X,Y / Mid Line
  • Inter Point / Regression Shifted
  • Datum X,Y / LSF X,Y Offset
  • X,Y Offset / Value / Location / List of X,Y Values
  • Height / Local Height / Regression / Radius
  • Coplanarity / Distance to plane / 2nd Order fitting
  • Difference / Absolute / 2sqrt / VC
  • Max / Min / Ave / Sigma / Plus / Minus / Multiply
CMM Software

Data Sheets