Coordinate Measurement (CMM) Technology
Faster, Highly Accurate Coordinate Measurement Suite


CyberCMM™, a comprehensive software suite of coordinate measurement tools provides highly accurate, 100% metrology-grade measurement on all critical points much faster than a traditional CMM, including coplanarity, distance, height and datum X, Y to name a few. A fast and easy set-up can be performed in less than an hour for programming complex applications as compared to slow, engineering resource-intensive set-up that typically requires multiple adjustments with traditional coordinate measurement machines (CMM) s.


Cell Phone CNC Machined Frame


Low Profile Array Connector

Fast and highly accurate with repeatable and reproducible measurements for Metrology, Semiconductor, Microelectronics and SMT applications.

  • Fastest – Seconds, not Hours
    - Significantly speeds attaining coordinate measurements vs. traditional CMMs
    - Reduces engineering resource time
  • Easy-to-use Interface
    - Simplifies process with award-winning, intuitive, touch screen experience
    - Quick programming for complex applications
    - Multi-process capable – AOI, SPI, AOM, CMM
  • Metrology-grade Accuracy
    - Achieve metrology-grade accuracy with MRS-enabled technology
    - Repeatable and reproducible measurements for metrology, semiconductor, microelectronics and SMT applications.

Measurement Capability

  • Line / Distance / X,Y / Mid Line
  • Inter Point / Regression Shifted
  • Datum X,Y / LSF X,Y Offset
  • X,Y Offset / Value / Location / List of X,Y Values
  • Height / Local Height / Regression / Radius
  • Coplanarity / Distance to plane / 2nd Order fitting
  • Difference / Absolute / 2sqrt / VC
  • Max / Min / Ave / Sigma / Plus / Minus / Multiply

Data Sheets