The Third Dimension – CyberOptics Corp. Strikes Major Deal


Manufacturing TodayIn the March/April 2015 issue of Manufacturing Today, CyberOptics Corp. has been recognized for striking a major deal to supply its new 3-D sensors to a major semiconductor inspection company, KLA-Tencor.

A global developer and manufacturer of high-precision 3-D sensing technology solutions, CyberOptics Corp. has just brought to market the new SQ3000 3-D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.

“We continue to execute on our strategy of developing and manufacturing high-precision 3D sensors for our key vertical markets,” CEO Subodh Kulkarni explains. ” The integration of our proprietary 3-D Multi-Reflection Suppression [MRS] sensor into the SQ3000 AOI system enables unparalleled speed and accuracy.”

MRS technology inhibits reflections that could result in measurement inaccuracies, which is particularly critical for inspecting shiny objects. The MRS algorithms use a rich data set from the multi-view 3-D sensors and suppress the reflections. This proprietary approach combined with the sophisticated algorithms that fuse the image data, results in a precise 3-D image.

“We’ve driven this significant technology advancement from concept to fruition into back-end semiconductor inspection with our recent KLA-Tencor strategic supplier agreement and now into SMT (surface mount technology) inspection with our SQ3000 3-D AOI system, further driving customer yield and productivity improvements in both markets.”

The SQ3000 3-D AOI system maximizes return on investment and line utilization with multi-view 3-D sensors that capture and transmit data simultaneously and in parallel, enabling the fastest 3-D inspection in the industry. The MRS technology inside combined with the highly sophisticated 3-D fusing algorithms offers microscopic image quality at production speeds. An easy-to-use, intuitive interface with touch control facilitates minimal training and operator  interaction.

CyberOptics has grown significantly in the past year. Their revenue has increased by 24 percent in its past four quarters.

“CyberOptics is a technology company focusing on developing sensor technologies that address keymarket needs for various applications in manufacturing environments, Kulkarni says. ” “We design, develop, and manufacture sensors for several vertical markets such as automotive, aerospace, medical to name just a few. With the performance of our 3-D sensor technology, our customers are able to maintain a competitive edge where stringent quality standards, yields and throughput are paramount.”

KLA-Tencor Corp., based in Milpitas, California, supplies process control and yield management products for the semiconductor, data storage, LED and other related nanoelectronics industries. The recent announcement that it would partner with CyberOptics was big news in the industry.

“We are very excited, ” Kulkarni says. “This is a customer with huge market share so it’s a terrific validation of our new technology.”

CyberOptics also provides 3-D scanners and scanning services, which can be useful to inspect parts printed with 3-D printers or when plastic parts are molded by injection molding machines. The company is incorporating the MRS sensor technology into a new 3-D scanning product, poised to launch shortly, that enables very fast and accurate 3-D scanning at the touch of a button.

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