CyberOptics Showcases APS2 Technology at SEMICON Japan

Semicon Japan 2015

Technology shows advanced accuracy and improved sensitivity for airborne particle measurements

header_semiconjapanCyberOptics, a leading global developer and manufacturer of high precision 3D sensing technology solutions, will demonstrate the WaferSense® and ReticleSense® Airborne Particle Sensor (APS2) technology at SEMICON Japan, Tokyo Big Sight, December 16–18 in booth #4804.

CyberOptics’ APS2 improves equipment set-up and long-term yields in semiconductor fabs by wirelessly monitoring airborne particles in real-time. The next-generation APS2 improves on the industry-leading accuracy and sensitivity of the company’s devices widely adopted by semiconductor fabs and equipment OEMs worldwide.

Based on recent year-to-date data, semiconductor equipment spending in Japan is on-track to grow 37.5% over 2014, representing the highest growth of any region globally, according to SEMI organization. “Our customers in Japan value the time and expense savings that CyberOptics’ airborne particle sensors deliver and the opportunity is great with Japan having the largest share of the global total installed fab capacity this year with 21%,” said Ferris Chen, Director of Sales, Asia.

The wireless APS2 devices quickly monitor, identify and enable troubleshooting of airborne particles down to .14um within semiconductor process equipment and automated material handling systems

. Equipment and process engineers can speed equipment qualification, shorten equipment maintenance cycles and lower equipment expenses with objective and reproducible data. Plus, the new thinner and lighter form factor of the WaferSense APS2 provides greater versatility as it can travel through virtually all tools.

CyberOptics will also demonstrate its new WaferSense and ReticleSense Auto Multi Sensors (AMS/AMSR) that measure leveling, vibration and humidity in an all-in-one wireless real-time device. With its thin and light form factor, the AMS travels through virtually any tool and the AMSR can capture multiple measurements in all locations of the reticle environment. The all-in-one devices are yet another way to increase yield and reduce downtime in semiconductor environments.


  • Time – 88% reduction, half the manpower
  • Expense – 95% reduction
  • Throughput – 20X increase

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