CyberOptics Presented Proven Methodologies for Identifying and Resolving Airborne Article Issues at EMLC 2015


Eindhoven, The Netherlands —June 22, 2015—

CyberOptics® Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE), a leading global developer and manufacturer of high precision 3D sensing technology solutions, recently presented at the 31st European Mask and Lithography Conference, EMLC 2015, at The Pullman Hotel 22-23, June 2015 in Eindhoven. The two-day conference focused on the science, technology, engineering and application of mask and lithography technologies and associated processes.

Short intro from Dr. Uwe Behringer, Chairperson

Allyn Jackson, field application engineer at CyberOptics, shared insights, best practices and technical know-how for quickly identifying and resolving particles in photo lithography environments.

“Minimizing airborne particles in lithography applications remains a challenge if using traditional surface scan reticles, in-situ or hand-held methods. Legacy methods such as these lack real-time feedback, and often unexpected particle sources go undetected for hours or even days before finally identified,” said Jackson. “CyberOptics will review the advantages of using the wireless reticle-like particle counter method as a more efficient and effective means of quickly identifying, locating and troubleshooting airborne particles in real-time.”

Cyber Optics WaferSense® & ReticleSense®

CyberOptics ReticleSense® Airborne Particle Sensor Quartz (APSRQ) was designed and developed for use with scanners and steppers in semiconductor fabs and has all of the necessary alignment marks and bar codes for broad compatibility. The APSRQ can be loaded directly into a scanner just like a quartz reticle, and travel the entire reticle path to detect in real-time when and where particles occur.

Lithography engineers can rely on CyberOptics ReticleSense® proprietary technology, which is an extension of the proven WaferSense® wafer-shaped Airborne Particle Sensor (APS) device in use at semiconductor fabs worldwide including the three largest manufacturers where a contamination-free environment is critical.

WaferSense® and ReticleSense® Airborne Particle Sensors enable equipment engineers to shorten equipment qualification, release to production and maintenance cycles, all while reducing expenses. Customers have experienced up to 88% time savings, up to 95% reduction in costs, and up to 20X the through-put with half the manpower resource requirements using the WaferSense® or ReticleSense® sensors relative to legacy surface scan wafer methods.

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12. 02. 15

CyberOptics will demonstrate the WaferSense® and ReticleSense® APS2 technology at Semicon Japan at Tokyo Big Sight, December 16th – 18th in booth #4804.

11. 17. 15

CyberOptics announced that it received a follow-on order valued at approximately $750,000 for SQ3000 automated optical inspection systems, based upon the company’s 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) inspection technology platform. This 3D AOI order is scheduled to ship in this year’s fourth quarter.

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