CyberOptics Discusses High-Precision Relative Humidity (RH) Measurement Method at the European Mask and Lithography Conference


EMLC2016CyberOptics will lead a poster session during the Technical Exhibition at the 32nd European Mask and Lithography Conference (EMLC) in Dresden, Germany on June 21st and 22nd.

The conference brings together scientists, researchers, engineers and technologists from around the world to present innovations at the forefront of mask and wafer lithography.^ CyberOptics’ Allyn Jackson will discuss effective ways to monitor relative humidity (RH) in immersion scanner reticle environments to reduce a phenomenon called “haze.”

“Current RH measurement methods have a number of drawbacks. For example, hand-held RH sensors can be inconvenient, they can compromise the reticle environment if the scanner panels are opened and it might take hours to requalify the tool before going back on-line. Also, many areas are inaccessible by hand-held RH sensors, and in-situ RH sensors are impractical,” said Allyn Jackson, Field Applications Engineer and Director of Sales for U.S. and Europe at CyberOptics.

“By contrast, equipment qualifications can be done faster and more effectively using a high-precision, wireless sensor to measure and monitor RH to reduce reticle haze.

AMSRSolutions reviewed in the case study will include CyberOptics’s ReticleSense® Auto Multi Sensor that can travel throughout the entire reticle environment to wirelessly capture relative humidity (RH) measurements. The device can also measure vibration and leveling – all in real-time to improve yields and tool uptime.

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05. 09. 18

CyberOptics will lead a poster presentation during the Technical Exhibition at the European Mask and Lithography Conference (EMLC), June 19-20 in Grenoble, France.

05. 08. 18

CyberOptics will demonstrate the MRS-Enabled SQ3000 with multi-process capabilities including 3D AOI, SPI and CMM applications at SMT Nuremberg, Germany, June 5-7 at the Messe GmbH in hall 4, stand 101.

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