Conformal Coating Inspection Gets Faster and Simpler with CX150i


CX150iThe use of conformal coating in printed circuit boards (PCBs) to shield electronic components from harsh environmental conditions such as chemicals, moisture and debris is becoming more prevalent to improve reliability and reduce board failures. However, with PCBs shrinking in size and becoming more densely populated, coating the boards effectively is very challenging. So, it is vital to inspect conformal coating in a fast and reliable way.

The CX150i™ automates inline conformal coating inspection process using a brand-new UV Strobed Inspection Module (SIM) delivering high-speed, accurate inspection at 100cm2/sec.

A 12µm high resolution sensor delivers superior conformal coating defect detection using a combination of UV and white illumination for inspecting the full board or selected areas for coating/non-coating coverage, cracks, delamination and other coating defects as well as inspecting component presence and absence.

CX150i™ is powered by Autonomous Image Interpretation technology (AI2) enabling quick setup and simple programming reducing training and labor costs.

Automated conformal coating inspection is critical for long-term PCB reliability as it offers precise verification of conformal coating application. The CX150i™ automated conformal coating inspection system reduces operator costs and eliminates visual inspection errors while improving product quality and reliability. It is fast, reliable and extremely simple to use maximizing return on investment.

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Watch A Demo of the CyberOptics CX150i Conformal Coating Inspection System

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