SQ3000™ CMM with CyberCMM™

Seconds. Not Hours.

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For metrology applications in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products such as PCBs, semiconductors and consumer electronics.

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Attains highly accurate measurements significantly faster than traditional CMMs.

Maximum Flexibility for Increased Throughput



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Unparalleled speed, accuracy and flexibility with dual lane, dual MRS sensors.

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Now in Ultra-High Resolution for SQ3000 3D AOI.

Award-Winning MRS Sensor Technology.


Ideal for 0201 metric process and micro-electronic applications where an even greater degree of accuracy is critical.

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Revolutionary Technology



One Button Automation for 3D Scanning
Highly precise full 360 scan in less than 3 minute cycle time.

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*Powered by MRS technology.

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Get accurate readings and improve your yield.

Introducing the thin and light
Auto Multi Sensor™ from CyberOptics.

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Only in full version!




WaferSense® Auto Multi Sensor™

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Award-winning intuitive touchscreen interface with extraordinary image quality.



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Improve equipment set-up and yields.

Ultra Accurate, Sensitive and Versatile.

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Only in full version!
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Save Time

Save Expense

Improve Yields

Next Generation Airborne Particle Sensors

* Powered by APS2 technology

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Designed for use in ASML, Nikon and Canon scanners in the fab.

ReticleSense® APSRQ

Improve Yields and Tool Uptimes
Speed Qualification and Release to Production

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Ultimate Precision Accuracy with World Class Usability


True Volume Measurement with Dual Illumination Sensor
Best-in-Class Accuracy and Repeatability


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In High-Precision 3D Sensors that Significantly Improve Yields and Productivity in the 3D Scanning and Metrology, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) & Semiconductor Markets

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September 26-28, 2017

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November 1-2, 2017

Financial Releases

CyberOptics Announces $1.0 Million Order for MRS-Enabled SQ3000™ 3D AOI and SPI Systems

08. 21. 17

CyberOptics today announced an order valued at approximately $1.0 million primarily for SQ3000 automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, based upon the company’s 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) inspection technology platform. It is presently anticipated that revenue from the order will be recognized in the third quarter of 2017.

CyberOptics to Participate in 6th Annual Intellisight Investor Conference on August 23

08. 14. 17

CyberOptics announced today that it will present at the 6th Annual Intellisight Conference on Wednesday, August 23rd in Minneapolis. Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, CEO of CyberOptics Corporation, will present at 9:15-9:50 am CT on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Interested parties can view the Company’s live presentation via the investor relations page of the CyberOptics website. A webcast replay will remain accessible via the conference event page at www.gointellisight.org.

Press Releases

CyberOptics Launches Coordinate Measurement Software Suite for New High Speed SQ3000™ CMM System

09. 21. 17

CyberOptics launches new SQ3000™ 3D CMM (Coordinate Measurement) system, powered by Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology and CyberCMM™, a new comprehensive software suite for coordinate measurement.